Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fun Facts

Some fun facts taken from a national publication. I'm not mentioning the source for fear of being tracked down and hunted for plagiarism.

1. Some bozo recently shelled out $202.50 on EBay for a 1996 Notre Dame Academy yearbook because it contained photos of a young Katie Holmes.

2. Think you're not getting screwed at work? In 1980 the ratio of CEO pay to that of the average worker in the firm was 10:1. Today that ratio is 430:1. That's an increase of 4,200%.

3. We're a nation on the go. 19% of meals in America are consumed in cars.

4. According to Vault, Inc., 32% of white collar workers say they have either an "office husband" or an "office wife." An office spouse is a co-worker in whom you confide and with whom you spend excessive time, as you would with your significant other. Sex is not necessarily part of the relationship.

5. Most lawn mower injuries in the U.S. are not caused by direct contact with the mower - most are the result of thrown objects such as rocks, sticks and the occasional kids toy which are caught up in the blades. 80,000 Americans were injured in such accidents last year.

6. This one's a hoot: As many as 85% of calls to gambling-addiction hotlines set up by state lotteries are from people who want to know how to play, why they lost, or when they will receive their winnings.

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