Monday, July 09, 2007

Dog Talk

Ten Favours a Dog Asks From a Man

1- My life lasts between ten to fifteen years. Every separation from you means suffering for me. Think about this before you decide whether or not to take me!

2- Give me time to understand what you are asking from me.

3- Instill confidence in me - I thrive on it!

4- Do not be angry with me for a long time and do not lock me up for punishment! You have your work, your pleasure, your joy - I have only you.

5- Talk often to me! Even if I do not understand you completely, I do understand the tone of your voice when you talk to me.

6- Know that, no matter how I am being treated, I shall never forget it!

7- Keep in mind, before you hit me , that my jaws could crush the knuckles of your hand with ease, but that I do not make use of them.

8- Before you scold me when working with me, consider: perhaps I am uncomfortable from digesting my last meal; perhaps I was exposed to the sun too long; or perhaps I have a worn out heart.

9- Take care of me when I am old -- you too are going to be old one day.

10- Be with me when my going gets rough. Everything is easier for me when you are beside me.

-Author Unknown

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