Saturday, July 05, 2008

Quiz: Match the Doctors With The Facts

Match the docotrs (top) with the facts (below). Answers are at the bottom...

a. Dr. Ruth
b. Dr. Phil
c. Dr. Drew
d. Dr. House (not the actor, the character)
e. Dr. Dre
f. Dr. Laura

1. Are actual M.D.s

2. Trained as a sniper in an underground Israeli military force.

3. In 2003 marketed a line of weight-loss products called Shape-Up which was promptly pulled when customers lost more money than

4. Trained as an opera singer.

5. Played middle-linebacker in college on a defense that gave up more than 100 points to the University of Houston.

6. Had his/her first child at the age of 17.

7. Did voice work for the cartoon comedies Family Guy, Robot Chicken and Crank Yankers.

8. Was a diver on the swim team in high school.

9. Sanctioned by a state board of examiners for having an inappropriate relationship with a patient.

10. Has been described as a "cross between Henry Kissinger and Minnie Mouse."

11. Called homosexuality "a biological error."

12. Had nude photos posted on the Internet in 1998.

13. Accused the wives of soldiers in Iraq of "bitching."

14. Spouse wrote a New York Times #1 best-seller.

15. Said "Seizures are cool to watch but boring to diagnose."

16. Had an asteroid named after him/her.

17. Taught kindergarten.

18. Was shot in 2006.


1. Real M.D.s - (c)Drew and (d)House

2. Sniper - (a)Ruth

3. Shpe-Up - (b)Phil

4. Opera singer - (c)Drew

5. Linebacker - (b)Phil

6. Child at 17 - (e)Dre

7. Cartoon voices - (c)Drew

8. High school diver - (e)Dre

9. Sex with patient - (b)Phil

10. Minnie Mouse - (a)Ruth

11. Homosexuality slur - (f)Laura

12. Nude photos - (f)Laura

13. Bitchy wives - (f)Laura

14. Spousal author - (b)Phil

15. Sizures - (d)House

16. Asteroid - (d)House

17. Kindergarten - (a)Ruth

18. Shot - (d)House

*Source - Playboy, July, 2008

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