Thursday, January 05, 2017

Just for fun...


In 1969, the whole world watched as Neil Armstrong and crew walked on the moon. Some unusual reactions.

1. In Ghana: Nagai Kassa V II, a tribal chief, listened to the Apollo11 saga on his shortwave radio through the Voice of America. Reportedly, he was worried that the astronauts would fall off the moon, and was amazed that they were able to fit on it at all. "The moon is so small as I see it that I didn't think there would be enough room," he said.

2. In India: Astrologers wondered if the moon was "too tainted for use in soothsaying, now that a man has walked on it."

3. In Alaska: Unimpressed by the scientific aspects of the lunar escapade, an Eskimo interpreted the moon landing for a reporter as a way to predict the weather. He said it was a sure sign of a "hard winter next year."

4. Somewhere in the Arab World: A1 Fatah, the terrorist organization, objected that Arab newspapers were giving more attention to the moon landing than to "terrorist missions against Israel."

5. In New York City: The lunar landing was celebrated with a "moon bash" in Central Park. The Department of Parks invited the millions of New Yorkers to enjoy huge screens with live TV coverage, searchlights, a film collage, synthetic Northern Lights, dancing to "moon music," inflatable sculpture, and a blue-cheese picnic.

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