Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Funny Pic and a Joke

A guy wakes up one morning, and as he's walking downstairs he feels a bit of intestinal gas building up... He cocks a cheek and lets out a toot, but it doesn't sound normal... In fact, it comes out sounding like a thunderingly loud "HOOOONDA!"

"That was weird," he thinks... He goes to work, and tries to squeak one off secretly in the elevator, but it too comes out as an incredibly loud "HOOOONNNNDA!!!"

This happens time and again for weeks... It's ruining his life! Every time he tries to break wind, it makes the same strange, loud noise! His girlfriend leaves him, his job as a salesman is going down the tubes, he goes to innumerable doctors, but they're all baffled. He's at a complete loss.

Driving home from yet another unsuccessful trip to the doctors, he sees a Honda dealership. In desperation, he goes in and grabs the manager by the collar and tries to make his plight clear to him.

The manager is alarmed at this nutjob, but finally gets it when the guy rips off another "HOOOONNNNNDAAA!!!"

The manager has no idea how to deal with this, but he gives the guy the phone number for the Chief Doctor of the Honda corporation, just to get the weirdo out of his office.

So the guy calls the chief doctor and explains his strange malady... The doctor ponders this, and says to him:

"You know, I think you need to go to dentist... Maybe there something wrong with your mouth..."

The guy is thinking that the doctor is approaching the problem from the wrong end, but since nothing else has worked, he goes to the dentist anyway.

As it turns out, the dentist finds an abcess on the guy's gum, which he treats.

The next day, the guy wakes up and feels some gas again... He's resigned to hearing the same loud "HONNNDAAA!" again...

But it comes out as a quiet "prrrt!"

He's estatic! He eats burritos for breakfast, and quite happily "prooot!" and "pbbbbts!" all morning, so relieved that his farts are back to normal.

He calls the Chief Doctor back, and thanks him profusely.

"But doctor, how did you ever know about my abcessed tooth?"

"Ah... You know, when I studied in Amelica, I always heard a stlange phlase you have... I never understood what it meant until I hear of your ploblem..."

"I am sure you hear of the phlase 'Abcess make the fart go honda?'"

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