Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Funny Pic and two Jokes

What did the zero say to the eight?

Nice belt


A guy drives up to a farmhouse and knocks on the door. You see, he's a wealthy man, and the farmer's daughters have reputations of being absolutely stunning.

The farmer answers and the guy introduces himself. "You see, sir, I am a very rich man, but I am unmarried and need a wife to bear my children and carry on my name. As your daughters have the reputation of being up to my standards, I'd like to marry one."

The farmer thinks, and then says, "All right." Money's tight and this guy seems nice enough. He's handsome, too.

The farmer goes into the parlor and gets his firstborn daughter. She's brunette, 25, and an absolute knockout. The man and the brunette go out on a date, but the man comes back saddened. He tells the farmer that this daughter's face, well, it's too angular, you see. Not so much as you'd notice, but enough.

Farmer goes, and gets his second daughter. 23, blonde, and even more beautiful than his firstborn. They go out, and the same result. She's a little cross-eyed. Not so much as you'd notice, you understand, but enough.

The farmer's getting frustrated. He goes and gets his last daughter- 21, redhead, and looks like she just stepped out of every man's fantasy. The wealthy man is starstruck. He must have her.

A dowry is agreed on, they wed, and two months later, she finds she's pregnant. When the child is born, it's the ugliest kid on earth. Cross-eyed, lumpy skull, weird birthmarks, the works. He doesn't even look like his father.

How could this be, the man asked his father in law the farmer. He is handsome, his bride is beautiful, how could they have such a butt-ugly kid?

The farmer grins, looks over, and says "Well, it's like this. When you married her, she was just a little bit pregnant. Not so much as you'd notice, but enough."

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