Thursday, January 29, 2009

We Were So Poor...

The J-Walk Blog posted some funny "We were so poor..." jokes, Here's a bit of a taste...

  • People saw us kicking a can down the street and asked what we were doing...we said "Moving"
  • We hung the toilet paper out to dry.
  • We couldn't pay attention.
  • We made a hole in the kitchen wall, behind the cooker, and we used to dip our bread in next door's gravy!
  • We leave my door unlocked. A burglar might come in and lose some of his change.
  • My grandma went to the local government office and said: "I hear y'all declared a war on poverty. Did we win?"
  • The dog got nervous every year at Thanksgiving.
  • We had to borrow a few beans, to make the gas for a fire.
And here's the link if you want to read some more - and see the link to the original source.

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