Thursday, December 24, 2009

How Rudolph's Nose Got It's Glow

Gene Autry sang of Rudolph
His nose so red and bright
And how he'd guide Santa's sleigh
On those foggy nights

Yes, Rudolph was a now a hero
The way the story goes
But have you ever stopped to think
How Rudolph got that nose?

It all started years ago
That's what the reindeer say
No matter what the reindeer did
Rudolph was always in their way

He was in the middle of their work
And in their way at play
When he got in the middle of their football game
An accident happened that day

The score was tied six to six
With just seconds left to go
When Prancer decided to try and kick
A thirty yard field goal

Donner was ready with the ball
Prancer's foot was back to kick
Then all of a sudden from nowhere
In Rudolph's nose did stick

Prancer's foot came flying
As the story goes
But instead of kicking the football
He kicked Rudolph on his nose

Rudolph's nose began to swell
Then it began to glow
The sky was lit for miles and miles
From Rudolph's bright red nose

Many years have now gone past
Since that awful day
Although, the swelling has long been gone
His nose still glows today

So now you know the whole story
It wasn't Rudolph who saved the night
For if it hadn't been for Prancer's foot
Santa would have neve made the flight

Woody Woodruff
Dec 1996

Found on Miss Cellania's blog.

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