Monday, December 28, 2009

I love new technology

Back around Thanksgiving, we had a little accident with the TV in our (small) living room, so it gave me the excuse to go out and buy a new flat screen model. I settled on a 32" Samsung that was top rated by Consumer Reports - 1080P with a 120Hz refresh rate. Bought a new stand for the TV as well (no easy way to run cables to the back of it, so we didn't wall mount it).

Loved the TV - great pictures from Time-Warner cable even though their hi-def channels are only broadcast in 1080i. The old DVD player/recorder I had in the living room was sort of sad (Sony) and I'd had trouble playing some DVD's with it ever since I got it. Not sure why it didn't work right - for months I swore that the Netflix discs I was getting were bad - took me a while to figure out it was the machine.

At any rate, a few days before Christmas I bought a Samsung Blu-ray player - also highly rated by CR. I've got just one bitch - every time I turn on the Blu-Ray player, it automatically disconnects the TV from the cable connection and forces a connection between the player and the TV. Sometimes I turn on the player just to remove a disc and I don't want the TV station lost. But - small inconvenience.

The best part of the setup? I can connect to my Netflix account via my wireless router and stream Netflix and YouTube without passing through a computer. Man, that's really neat stuff.

As I said in the title, I love technology.

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