Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow blower guy

Here in the shadow of Lake Ontario, a region well-known for its heavy winter snow falls, we're having a cold, but fairly mild winter in terms of snow. In an area where 200 inches of winer snowfall is not out of the question, I do believe we're well under 100" so far.

The big snow falls have been along the east coast - Wasington D.C., Philadelphia, New York. But we're used to it here and they're not.

Everyone that owns their own home has a snow-blower here (or just about.) Our counties have huge fleets of snowplows with the ability to spread sand or salt. Two feet of snow? If it falls early in the morning when the school busses are running, the kids might get a day off - we build 3 to 5 days into our calendars for snow days. Any other time of the day? We go on with our lives - plows are out and shovels are out - an hour or two after the storm, we're out shopping and going to work.

I saw the following clip on Boing Boing - which got it from the Washington Post and I laughed. It's new to them - normal for us. I usually plow 2 or 3 driveways after each snowfall.

He arrives in a cloud of hissing white flakes with an unmistakable whine, leaving a trail of clear pavement in his wake. He accepts no money for his work. He moves so fast and is so bundled up against the cold you might not recognize him -- or even catch his name.

In snow-weary cul-de-sacs and buried hamlets across the region, Snowblower Guy has been the man of the hour, working for days not only to clear his driveway but also to help neighbors. He has cleared sidewalks and even carved out routes in roads still untouched by municipal snowplows. After so many mild winters, Snowblower Guy is finally having his moment.


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