Thursday, June 27, 2013

Unusual celebrtiy photos

And, no, I don't recognize them all - somebody just told me they were famous people. If you can identify any of them, leave a comment please.

I don't know who this is.

Not sure - is that Rodney Dangerfield?

Robert Downey Jr. dressed as Ironman

The man on the left is a French actor, I've seen him in several movies, but can't remember his name.

I don't know who this is.

That looks like Bill Murray on the left.

Is it the group or some one person here that's famous?

No clue who this is.

Salvadore Dali?

Sammy Davis Jr.

Eddie Murphy - left; Richard Pryor - right; Bill Cosby - second from right. I don't know the guy second from left.
Billy Idol on the right.


Anonymous said...

The WAC pictured is Kay Summersby Gen. Eisenhower's Driver and Mistress.

Bozo Funny said...

Sounds reasonable. Thanks for the information.

Ti Yema said...

1- Kurt Cobain
2- Stephen Hawkins
3- Robert Downey Jr
4- Jean Reno / Nathalie Portman
5- Ice Cube
6- Bill Murray / Dan Aykroyd / Sigourney Weaver
7- Jackass (each one IS famous.. search wikipedia)
8- ???
9- Salvadore Dali
10- Sammy Davis Jr
11- Eddie Murphy / Sidney Poitier / Bill Cosby / Richard Pryor
12- Beastie boys (group) / Billy Idol

Bozo Funny said...

Thanks to Ti Yema for the ID on those folks.

Anonymous said...

8 is Princess Elizabeth of England, now Queen Elizabeth.