Thursday, February 08, 2007

Humor - Rejected License Plates

Rejected State Mottos: Mottos you're not likely to see on certain license plates

Alabama: Literasy Ain't Everything

Arkansas: At Least We're Not Oklahoma

Georgia: Freedom Schmeedom

Illinois: Gateway To Iowa

Kansas: Orville Redenbacher for President

Kentucky: Tobacco Is a Vegetable

Maryland: Birthplace of the Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota: For Sale

Montana: Land of the Big Sky, and Very Little Else

New Jersey: You Have the Right to Remain Silent, You Have the Right to an Attorney

New Mexico: Lizards Make Excellent Pets

North Carolina: Five Million People, Fifteen Last Names

Ohio: Don't Judge Us by Cleveland

Pennsylvania: Cook With Coal

South Dakota: Closer Than North Dakota

Tennessee: The Educashun State

Texas: jSi! jHablo Ingles!

Utah: Our Jesus Is Better Than Your Jesus

West Virginia: Marijuana: Cholesterol Free

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