Saturday, September 06, 2014

Golf trivia

See answers at bottom of post.

1. Who designed the Trophy Club in Dallas?
2. Who was the first golfer to break 60 in a PGA event?
3. Where was the first golf club outside of the British Isles?
4. Who was the first U.S. President to play golf?
5. Who first coined the term "caddie?"
6. For whom is the Ryder Cup named?
7. Who coined the phrase Amen Corner to refer to holes 11, 12 and 13 at the Masters?
8. In what year were steel shafts for golf clubs first allowed for play?
9. How much money did Horace Rawlins receive for winning the very first U.S. Open in 1895?
10. Who has won the most PGA sanctioned events in one year?
11. Who was the first player to shoot his age in a PGA event?
12. What father and son won Senior PGA and PGA tournaments in the same weekend?

1. Ben Hogan
2. Al Geiberger
3. India
4. William Howard Taft
5. Mary Queen of Scots (the term is from the French cadet.
6. Samuel Ryder, a seed magnate from England who donated the cup.
7. Herbert Warren Wind (writer for the New Yorker)
8. 1926
9. $150 from a total purse of $335
10. Byron Nelson (19)
11. Sam Snead at the Quad Cities Open in 1979. (He was 67)
12. Bob and David Duval

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