Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Golf trivia

Answers at bottom of post...

1. What is the modern equivalent of a spoon?
2. Who is the man who won 6 British Opens and developed the most popular golfing grip?
3. When did the Ryder Cup begin?
4. For whom were the first set of golf clubs made?
5. How were the first golf balls made?
6. In what year did the Masters begin and what was the name of the tournament?
7. Who has the most USGA titles while playing as an amateur?
8. Which U.S. President had a putting green installed on the White House grounds?
9. Who were the first club makers in Scotland?
10. Which golfer began learning his golf swing before the age of two by performing the mirror image of his father's swing?
11. Where is the world's largest bunker?
12. What is the modern equivalent of a Mashie?
13. Which course at a PGA tournament features a bunker in the middle of the green?
14. Who, when speaking of a young Jack Nicklaus, said, "He plays a game with which I am not familiar."
15 What famous woman golfer won 2 gold medals and a silver in the 1932 Olympics?
16. Who won the Masters on his very first attempt? (There are three)

1. A three wood
2. Harry Verdon
3. 1927
4. King James IV of Scotland
5. Boiled feathers in a leather pouch
6. 1934. It was called the Augusta National Invitational Tournament
7. Bobby Jones with 4 U.S. Opens and 5 U.S. Amateurs
8. Dwight D. Eisenhower
9. Blacksmiths, or "cleekmakers"
10. Phil Mickelson
11. The seventh hole at Pine Valley's Hell's Half Acre
12. A five iron
13. The sixth hole at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles
14. Bobby Jones. Jack Nicklaus would later say this of Tiger Woods
15. Babe Zaharias
16. Gene Sarazen, Horton Smith and Fuzzy Zoeller

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