Sunday, January 21, 2007


I don't know - should I comment on the fact that the driver is blond? Nah - could happen to anyone who doesn't think about the fact they're driving a low-clearance sports car just before trying to force the vehicle through that puddle in the road.

Whuuf! Hard to see how this could even have happened. Look at the rear wheels from the car leveraged into the air. Must be he got caught from behind.

Here's another "How in heck did that happen?" situations. Gotta be a prank - or that car got airborne somehow. That's it - maybe the car was dropped from one of those car-caarier trucks and the rear wheel caught as the truck got too close? I haven't got any better ideas.
Here's one that's a little easier to spot how it happened. The tank driver drove off a ledge. Probably pretty tough to see out of those things. Let's just hope noone tries to fire that gun right now - it could put the tank into orbit.
I like this one - all sorts of images float through my mind as I visualize the guy fiinding his car like this. Obviously British. I hope he keeps a stiff upper lip.

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