Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Time for a bad joke...

A husband and wife in their sunset years had been married 60 years and were talking in loving terms about their anniversary. The husband told the wife: "Thelma, I have always wanted to know what you keep in that old hope chest of yours in the attic. Can I take a peek inside?"

"I guess we've been married long enough Sam, what can it matter? Let's go up and you may have a look."

They both make their way to the attic. The husband takes the key from his wife of all those years and opens the lid. Inside the chest is $9,915.00 in cash and three ears of corn. "Why three ears of corn? What does that signify for you?" asks Sam.

"Well, i suppose it was long ago, so here is the truth: every time I was unfaithful in our marriage and slept with another man, I put away an ear of corn" replied Thelma.

The husband is shocked: but after some reflection he thinks... 60 years of a great marriage to a wonderful woman, three ears of corn from long ago, I have no reason for complaint. "Well, it is all OK Thelma, all is forgiven. You've been an otherwise good wife for many years, and I will treasure that forever, " Sam replied. After a little while he added: "Just out of curiosity, there is almost $10,000 here, where on earth did you get it?"

Thelma blushed slightly, then responded: "Well, every time I had a bushel, I sold it."

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