Friday, August 15, 2014

A dozen golf trivia questions

Answers for these golf trivia questions can be found at the end of the list of questions...

1. Who has won more PGA events than any other golfer?

2. Which club did Alan Shepard use when he hit a golf ball on the moon?

3. Who won the first Masters' green jacket?

4. What was the original manner for teeing a ball?

5. When did the USGA (United States Golf Association) establish a rule for the number of clubs in a player's bag?

6. When did the USGA begin to put restrictions on the distance a golf ball can travel?

7. How much money did Phil Mickelson win for his first PGA tournament win, the 1991 Northern Telecom Open?

8. What event and in what year was the first golf tournament televised?

9. Which course has the famous island green featured at the Players Championship?

10. Who is known as The King in the golf world?

11. What is the modern equivalent of a 'niblick?'

12. Name the three legendary U.S. golfers born in 1912.

1. Sam Snead (Tiger, as of this posting is second, just 3 behind Snead)
2. A six iron.
3. Sam Snead
4. Golfers used a mound of wet sand or dirt.
5. 1938. Until that time, some would carry as many as 30.
6. 1942 - but it is still monitored today with changes made as needed.
7. $0. He was still an amateur.
8. U.S. Open, 1947 (only broadcast in the St. Louis, MO area)
9. The seventeenth hole at the TPC at Sawgrass in Jacksonville.
10. Arnold Palmer
11. A nine iron
12. Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson.

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